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21 & OVER

​The latest alcohol abuse endorsing film, 21 & Over, is exactly what it appears to be: a younger (unofficial) prequel to The Hangover. Strike while the iron is hot would be the appropriate motto for The Hangover and its sequel writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, who have written and directed this painstaking movie. “I’m going to **** you with alcohol” the lead character says. Actually, within the first ten minutes of the film our ears have already heard at least thirty F-bombs. Then again, what do you expect from a film about 21 year olds? And that is my point; any character who attempts to use reason or accountability is bullied in the film for not living it up.

​Miller (Teller) and Casey (Astin) have arrived from out of town to surprise their buddy Jeff (Chon) on his 21stbirthday. He explains that tomorrow is his big medical exam, but Miller guilts and forces him to go out and get drunk. A few short hours later Justin is completely drunk, puking all over a mechanical bull, eating tampons and, when he passes out from intoxication, Miller and Casey have no clue where his house was or how to get back there. They get chased by a buffalo, spank Latino girls in a sorority, find a gun, play beer pong and never think to use their Facebook or cell phones to find the address.

​The film opens with Miller and Casey only wearing a sock on their genitals while walking through the middle of campus to give viewers a preview of what’s in store.. There are some really obvious errors to the film, the biggest being the gun they find in their friend Justin’s pocket, which leads them to the information that he was arrested for attempted murder--  yet he is still a student on campus? But then again, 21 & Over is a fantasy film, right? This would never influence youth to go out and try to have a wild night like this, and surely by the end of the film a lesson is learned, right? Nope, there are never repercussions for the vandalism, abuse, racism, and unmentionable illegal behavior.

​Is there humor in the film? If your idea of humor is inappropriate and immature behavior, then perhaps you will find this funny. For the rest of us this is nothing more than a series of lewd events strung together in pursuit of narrative that has no intention of delivering something honest, real or unique. People often question why you can join the military at 18 and cannot purchase alcohol until age 21, but a simple look at deaths in the military compared to deaths per year related to alcohol explains that very quickly, combined with the abuse towards alcohol demonstrated in this film.

 Final Thought – Lacks the insight or knowledge on what entertainment even means.

 Grade D+

By: Dustin Chase