Here is an example of miserable film making. The original concept of this story, a secret 18th mission to the moon that was kept secret, initially sounded interesting. Apollo 18 is unfortunately a horror movie in the style of Paranormal Activity which is of course a take on what The Blair Witch Project accomplished. Even the most mediocre “found footage” movie is better than the ridiculous events we are shown in Apollo 18. The actors’ performances in Blair Witch and even Paranormal Activity were somewhat convincing, but the two leads in this film are the farthest from being compelling or even interesting.

 Following Apollo 17, the original Apollo 18 mission was cancelled However, two astronauts, Captain Benjamin Anderson (Warren Christie) and Lt. Col. John Grey (Ryan Robbins), are called upon at a moment’s notice to prepare for a secret return mission to the moon. Once on the moon, both astronauts begin to feel as if they are being watched. They discover unusual tracks on the moon’s surface and discover the presence of something that shouldn’t be there. Bad turns to worse as Houston seems to be keeping truths from the astronauts.

 Another interesting concept in the hands of a director concerned more with MTV- type viewer-ship than in making a decent film is.  Apollo 18 takes the Apollo missions and adds their own fantasy story to it, this practice is done quite often but rarely has success like Inglorius Basterds did.  Apollo 18 with a different mindset could have been something compelling and original, but, instead, sacrifices all creativity or originality for cheap thrills and anticipation of a quick turnaround.

 The fact that NASA had to issue a statement about this film being a work of fiction really demonstrates the lack of brain power being used by today’s movie goers. When it was announced Apollo 18 would not screen for film critics, it was the first indication that is would likely be a truly horrible movie. Apollo 18 is a lazy movie in every sense of the word, not to mention cheap and boring.

 Final Thought – Watching Apollo 13 backwards would make more sense.

 Grade D-

By: Dustin Chase Woody.