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TOP 10 Lists

Texas Art & Film critics Dustin Chase and Dr Donna list their best of the year

Every year I watch and review about 200 films and I am constantly surprised at how few I actually like. This year I barely had enough to make a top 10 list and while most see 2012 as a great year for cinema, there were few films that I were really enthused about. I always like to preface my reviews and top 10 lists because I look at things differently than other critics. I look for films that touch me deep down in my soul, films that make a lasting impressing, films that I want to own and share with family and friends, films that will hold up years later and be just as rewarding as the first time I saw it. I am fairly hard on films because I expect a lot and I see so much that little surprises me. Emotion is one of the key factors to landing on my list as you will see below. Performance whether from the actors or the director I look for talent stepping outside their comfort zone and revealing something we don’t expect. Repeat factor, yes that is most often the difference between a B+ and an A-, “Do I want to watch this film over and over”? In the end my choices are always different from mainstream critics because I go on feeling rather than trying to make a statement.     - Dustin Chase

Dustin Chase

Dr. Donna