breaking dawn part 2

 Thank goodness that is over. I don’t think I have been this happy that a film series has ended since Saw announced their finale. Twilight certainly doesn’t have the feel that Harry Potter did when it ended a decade long run. Breaking Dawn part 2 feels like an unnecessary extension of a book that could have easily been wrapped up in a single three hour film (greedy studio). Nevertheless, we watch one last time as Bella continues to lust after Edward, a love that can now endure forever. Some of the minor characters get more screen time, only because the remaining part of the story has been stretched so thin, and measures have been taken to fill out the running time.

  “You need to get your thirst under control,” Edward tells Bella as she awakes from the coma we saw her in last time as the transition to full vampire is now complete. Bella must now meet her daughter, who is growing at an alarming rate, for the first time . Bella and Edward now have unrestricted access to pleasure each other and Alice (Ashley Greene) introduces them to their new forest home. Not only do the Cullen’s notice that Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy) has very particular powers, but the Volturi are notified that The Cullen’s have broke the rules and they come bloodthirsty to Forks, Washington for a civil war.

  There are some cheesier than normal moments, including one where Bella makes Loch Ness jokes, and another where she arm wrestles Emmett (Kellan Lutz). There are so many characters introduced in this final film that it felt like a waste to pack them in and quickly try to cover all their special powers. Part 2 functions much like the conclusion of X-Men The Last Stand, but only teases the viewer and doesn’t have the guts to kill off main characters. My biggest problem with this film, in and of itself, is the pacing. It moves incredibly slow and, in hindsight, doesn’t have much to say or offer.

  The heightened sense of romanticism that Part 1 captured (which was the second best film in the series) is completely absent here. Bill Condon remained as director, but this final film is a slushy for the thirsty. I did like the fact that Greene was given such an integral part in this film; she was always one of the most interesting characters. As the credits roll and we look back on the relationship between Bella and Edward, for those of us who love and appreciate good film, this series never had anything to offer cinematically that can stand the test of time.

  Final Thought – A lackluster conclusion without a sense of importance.


 Grade C


By: Dustin Chase W.