​There are some movies no one should have to see and, with Butter, very few did. Filmed back in spring 2010, the raunchy dark comedy with Jennifer Garner got such bad reviews when it debuted at Telluride last year that the studio kept it in a drawer for an entire year. Now that it’s released, Butter clearly tried to find that peculiar space between stupid and poignant that so few films actually manage to claim (Nurse Betty being one of them). Jennifer Garner’s ever-so-failing film career is officially in the trash disposal.

​Laura Dean Pickler (Garner) has been married to the small town Iowa butter carving champion for numerous years. She parades around the nothing town like she is a queen and she refuses to let someone else win the butter carving championship, so she puts her name forth. Across town, Julie (Silverstone) and Ethan (Rob Corddry) have just adopted a young girl who has a surprising interest in butter carving. The little girl goes up against Mrs. Pickler, who will stoop to any level to ruin this little girl's dreams. “It’s all I have,” she confesses to the girl as to why she should win.

​Jennifer Garner just isn’t interesting on screen, let’s face it. She simply either can’t act or can’t read, because in the last eight years she has managed to star in some of the world's worst movies and deliver some of the worst performances: Elektra, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, The Invention of Lying, Valentine’s Day, and now Butter. Trying to play this hateful witch, Garner isn’t right for this part because she can’t distinguish herself from roles beyond changing hairstyles or outfits (and she rarely does that). She always plays the same class of female.

​The ridiculous story is so absurd; watching these two women carve these elaborate butter sculptures which appear nearly impossible to complete in the script's given time. Butter turns up the raunch with nasty dialogue and Oliva Wilde’s character. The supporting roles, like everything else, are bland and useless words. Jackman only has two small scenes. Butter wants to be a shock value movie but retracts at most of the really line crossing moments. It’s the type of movie most people will turn off after the first few minutes of stupidity only hint at what's to come.

Final Thought – Would have been more interesting if it was about Paula Deen’s obsession with the title.

Grade F

By: Dustin Chase