This film, originally titled Imogene, couldn’t be a bigger embarrassment for both producer Kristen Wiig (especially after her enormous success and Oscar nomination from Bridesmaids) and the duo directors from American Splendor. Comedians do it worse than anyone--when they glue themselves to a persona and try to ride it out for all the cash they can get. Wiig turned down doing a Bridesmaids sequel, but her character Imogene here seems like an extension of that role in a script that never manages to break funny.

 Imogene Duncan (Wiig) has failed herself as a playwright, just lost her job as a blurb writer and now her exotic boyfriend has informed her he is moving out. Overly dramatic and unable to pick herself up, she writes a very witty and detailed suicide note and downs a handful of pills. When she wakes, her mother (Benning) is there to take her back to the horrible reality of the New Jersey coast where she grew up. Imogene learns that her father isn’t dead after 35 years and begins an attempt at contacting him while struggling to put her life back together.

 If you bake apple pie and forget to include the apples, you have failed; same with comedy, and everyone involved with Girl Most Likely has failed because not only does it lack humor, but it just isn’t interesting. Oscar nominees Dillon(Crash) and Benning (The Kids Are All Right) are completely wasted and don’t bring the type of comedic performance we know they can do from films in their past. Glee’s Darren Criss is, you will never believe this, singing in the movie. Going back to the food analogies, Girl Most Likely feels a lot like someone’s very unappetizing left overs.

 Wiig’s most recent return on SNL as guest host was lackluster as well. With a big line up on her plate, including two more films before the year ends (Anchorman 2, Walter Mitty), Wiig has to prove she can do something besides “Sad lonely pathetic girl” or she will quickly join the ranks of her Bridesmaids co-star Melissa McCarthy as a one trick pony. Another disappointing factor to Girl Most Likely that Wiig can’t be blamed for is the script by Michelle Morgan, who seems to wallow in the idea of one character being so unhappy, disappointed and suicidal, as if that is funny. What else fails to be funny, even though it’s used multiple times, is how Imogene says she will kill herself every time someone doesn’t do what she wants.

 Final Thought – Wiig really disappoints in this failure of a comedy.

Grade D+

By: Dustin Chase