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HELLO, I Must Be Going

Todd Louis' film Hello I Must Be Going is exactly the kind of off beat romance film I really enjoy. This is about older women falling for the intensity of a younger guy. Melanie Lynskey has been acting in bit parts for decades. Most likely remember her, “I’m only here for the food” line as the ugly sister in Ever After. Lynskey has long been a sought after character actress of indie films. Lynskey was nominated for a Gotham award for her performance in this film. Hello I Must Be Going first debuted at Sundance earlier this year where it was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize.

​Amy (Lynskey) is recently divorced from a man she is still drawn too. In her mid-thirties and living with her parents for the time being, her mother (Danner) has given up on trying to encourage her to get a job, but begs her to simply change clothes for an important client dinner they are hosting at their house. Amy dresses appropriately, but when the conversation turns personal she excuses herself only to be followed by the client’s 19 year old son, who makes a very forward move on her. Amy feels rejuvenated and begins reluctantly spending time with Jeremy (Abbott), who lets his mother think he is gay so she can feel accepting.

​This is one of those scripts that constantly surprised me as I watched it. Sarah Koskoff’s script doesn’t contain elaborate or really artistic dialogue, but the simplicity in these characters and the relationship between Amy and Jeremy really had me interested. Lynskey does a great job (although maybe a bit typecast) portraying this lazy, rich young woman who later in the film realizes that she has never actually been loved or appreciated. She clings to the marriage she had, explaining to 19 year old Jeremy that he doesn’t understand. Later she realizes that Jeremy is more of a man than anyone she knows.

​Abbott is one of the most charming newcomers I have seen on screen all year long. His childlike smiles hide the fact that Jeremy is very mature. Through almost a primal sexual relationship, these two people, both afraid of what their parents will think of them for different reasons, find each other at the right time. Jeremy’s mother, not realizing what she is saying

Final Thought – This filmed charmed me from the writing to the performances. Just the right amount of crazy.

 By: Dustin Chase

Grade B+