Yes, it’s just as bad or worse than the trailer suggests. After working with The Christopher Nolan in The Dark Knight Rises Joseph Gordon Levitt went on to write and direct a film. Anne Hathaway won an Oscar, Christian Bale an Oscar and already his second nomination. Aaron Eckhart however is like the son that didn’t get enough attention from daddy I guess. Prior to working with Nolan, Eckhart had industry respect from working with Steven Soderbergh (Erin Brockovich), Ron Howard (The Missing) and Brian de Palma (The Black Dahlia); yet has pissed his career in the wind with a continuous string of critical and box office failures after delivering one of his best performances as Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight.

 1793, Victor Frankenstein created a monster out of scrapes from the graveyard. His brilliance as some would come to know it, was a curse for the one who must bare the scars and eternity alone. 200 years later Frankenstein the monster (Eckhart) would become the most sought after weapon to a race of demons parading themselves as humans. Their end game is to discover the method Victor used to create this immortal creature. A silent war rages between demons and the ancient Gargoyles who are more than decoration atop a building.  Caught in the middle, Frankenstein searches for his own answers, pledging allegiance to no one.

 Writer/director Stuart Beattie’s screenplay sounds like he might be 15 years old… I checked, he is a full grown adult. Which leaves no excuse why, even a film like this clearly catering to 15-year-old’s (or those with that mindset), must sound like one. “Trust is a mistake you only make once”, or “some things never change”, and yes even “I’ve come to destroy you”. The cartoon network voice-over clichés are endless, flowing from Eckhart’s character like doo-doo from a baby’s bottom. And of course if you have a film that looks like the Underworld series, sounds like it, then of course you need the same bad guy from the Underworld films, Bill Nighy, to be the antagonist here.

 Basically it’s a disaster, a complete CGI, explosion and battle sequenced horror of a film. It nears the same level as the unwanted sci-fi flick R.I.P.D. Beattie has taken (or stolen) elements from Ghost Rider, Underworld and various other religious battle films and incorporated them into a story that should never have been updated or set in modern times. There is nothing in the entire film that we haven’t seen hundreds of times before, (except maybe Frankenstein with a six pack) presented much better and the use of actors like Eckhart, Nighy and Otto (The Lord of the Rings) is shameful.

 Final Thought – Easily will hold up as one of the years worst mainstream films.

 Grade D-

By: Dustin Chase