The latest Adam Sandler film opens with a contrary Regis, which is just an introduction to the cameos Happy Madison productions has in store. I think this film will be a difficult tie between Little Nicky as the most annoying of Sandler's films yet. While I find all Sandler films boring, unfunny and completely useless (excluding Punch Drunk Love), this one is nearly unwatchable. Sandler is in drag as twin sister Jill, who is the lead character and has the most screen time, but there are so few spots where even the dumbest people might offer a sympathy laugh. Jack & Jill’s most pathetic element, however, is the fact that Oscar winning legend Al Pacino would stoop to this kind of level; it reminds me of Robert DeNiro in Stardust, What Just Happened, Meet the Fockers, and so on.

There is nothing more annoying to Jack Sadelstein (Sandler) than his obnoxious twin sister, Jill (Sandler). When Jill is in town for the holidays, Jack tries everything he can think of to make her stay quick and swift. Jack is constantly made to feel bad and pity his single sister by his wife (Holmes). Once Jack’s commercial client, Al Pacino (Pacino), meets Jill, he is transfixed by her Brooklyn dialect and demeanor. The only way Jack can get Pacino to do his Dunkin Doughnuts commercial is to get his sister to spend time with him. Jill, however, is far more interested in eating Mexican food with Jack’s gardener (Eugeno Derbez).

Hands down the most unrealistic scene in the film is when Pacino is on the stage doing a Shakespeare play, someone’s cell phone goes off and he turns into angry, red faced, spitting Pacino without using a single curse word. Coming in second is the Johnny Depp cameo at the Lakers game; I bet Depp had never set foot on that court until this film. It was more shocking seeing Pacino in baggy jeans and a sweatshirt than Sandler with melon boobs and lipstick. While on the subject of Pacino’s performance (which saves the worst until the musical sequence at the end; warning, it will offend all Pacino fans), in a scene where his Oscar is broken and Jill says “I’m so sorry, I am sure you have more” he shrugs and replies “you would think so, wouldn’t you”.

Bruce Jenner’s cameo as one of Pacino’s co-actors on stage is well worth the ticket price (that’s a joke by the way). For the past few films (Just Go With It, Grown Ups, Funny People) Sandler’s ability to open strong at the box office is failing. Jack & Jill is one of his worst Happy Madison openings, not even debuting at number one. His material is very tried and recycled. Fart jokes are only funny so long until his own fans realize he is running on fumes for material. Katie Holmes playing the dumb housewife is one of the film's most unintentional jokes.

 Final Thought – A couple more of these terrible films from Sandler and he will be out of a job… oh please continue!

Grade D

By: Dustin Chase W.

Editor: Michael Woody