Dinner For Schmucks

 If you have already seen what I thought was the worst movie of the year, Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups, Dinner For Schmucks easily surpasses it. Often times I wish there were lower accepted letter grades than “F”. Steve Carell came up through television with the American version of The Office much like the rest of today’s leading comedians with their respective beginnings on TV. I have watched as Carell has taken one obnoxious role after another and made my eyes sore and my ears bleed with his nothing is beneath me bravado, very similar to Will Ferrell. Dinner For Schmucks is worse than Evan Almighty, and makes Date Night look like a best picture contender.

 Tim (Rudd) just figured out a way to climb the corporate ladder and land a deal that would secure his future in the company. As a test of his creativity his boss (Bruce Greenwood) invites him to a dinner, where the office big wheels each bring a guest who is essentially a creative loser, whom they make fun of concluding the dinner. In a twist of fate, Tim runs over a man whose great talent is taking dead mice to the taxidermist and then Barry (Carell) turns them into little mice dolls in which he gives them themes and settings in his little mice village. His creativity doesn’t stop with his hobby, loud, destructive and completely unaware of his ability to ruin everything; Barry and Tim become attached at the hip as Tim’s job, girlfriend and life go down in flames.

 With Hollywood so focused on beauty and looks have you ever noticed that the most successful actors in comedy are also the least attractive? Steve Carell is only second behind Will Ferrell and boy does he play that up in this film. Sticking those over sized veneers out and horrible haircut almost beg the audience to encourage violence towards him. Carell can play completely obnoxious just like the rest of them, and perhaps there is something contractual that says these comedians have to play these types of characters at least once. Barry in this film is in the company of Adam Sandler’s Little Nicky, Farrell’s Blades of Glory among others, and Ben Stiller’s Zoolander. These movie roles are built around the audience ability to withstand behavior in a theater that someone could not in reality, and makes for a very uncomfortable viewing experience.

 As far as annoying in concerned the script pulls out all the punches with behaviors, characters who speak to dead animals, and actor Ron Livingston who is annoying just on his own. The future of comedy however also makes its presence in the film, that of course being The Hangover and Due Date star Zach Galifianakis who is destined to be the newest film critic nightmare. Dinner For Schmucks trades wit for stupidity at every turn in this film, every character and scene relies on simple overkill and ridiculousness to make that audience member laugh, even though they are the type that laughs at everything anyway, so why bother?

 Final Thought – The ‘Schmuck’ is the one watching the film.

Grade F

By: Dustin Chase W.

Editor: Jennifer Gih