easy A

 Writer Bert V. Royal has written one of this year’s most unique and original comedies. It’s full of Mean Girls wit, social teenage relevance, and memorable one-liners. Royal and director Will Gluck (Fired Up) use this entertaining romp to push a great message on today’s high school deviants. The cast is probably the most amazing aspect to the film, comedians from feature film and television provide the support Emma Stone (Zombieland, Superbad) needs for this to be her breakout role. With overwhelmingly good reviews and positive box office numbers, Stone might even find herself a Golden Globe nominee in the comedy category.

 At the beginning of the school year Olive (Stone) was barely known, unpopular, a cool girl but not a stand out. She lies to her best friend about hooking up with a guy she made up, to get out of spending time with her best friend’s parents. Like wild fire, one lie turns into another, and the rumor of Olive losing her virginity is all over the school. A gay friend of her’s begs for Olive to lie and tell everyone they also had sex so he might squash all the rumors. Soon all the school’s nerdy losers ask for Olive’s favor which turns into a nightmare for Olive who at first embraces the attention, but ultimately can’t stand being known as the class tart.

 While Easy A will likely be the movie that Stone is forever remembered for, and her performance is endearing, once again Oscar nominee Clarkson (Cairo Time, The Last Station) steals the show as the new age floozy mother. In fact Clarkson and Tucci play some of the most memorable parents I have seen on screen in years, it was a hilarious, well cast paring. The rest of the cast are there for their names and don’t take away from Stone who is virtually in every scene. Stone with her sexy lips and beautiful red hair hits every sassy note and those slow motion sequences with the bouncy hair make her irresistible on screen.

 Easy A manages to cater to the teens who want stupid comedy, as well as young adults who will find the situational irony much more entertaining. While both Badgley (Gossip Girl, The Stepfather) and Stone are in their mid twenties and act much more mature than your average high school student, we are able to forgive the age illusion for the sake of well written characters that a younger actor would likely botch. Easy A isn’t an awards show film, but because so many people love this film (like a new age Clueless or Legally Blonde) it could show up at the popularity contest known as The Golden Globes.

 Final Thought – Go for mild entertainment, stay for the always fantastic Clarkson.

Grade B

By: Dustin Chase W.

Editor: Jennifer Gih