From Paris With Love

     Due to the popularity of his previous film Taken, French director Pierre Morel returns with another Euro type action thriller. The body count is just as high here but this time Travolta brings the comic relief that was nowhere to be found in Liam Neeson’s action packed kill fest. From Paris With Love is from writer and producer Luc Besson (ex husband of Mila Jovovich, and director of The Fifth Element) and is another example of American style action films using everything but foreign actors. This clever thriller thrashes around Paris with enough entertainment to keep your attention stabilized.

     After years of asking for an upgrade, James Reece (Meyers) assistant to the American diplomat of France is assigned a partner Charlie Wax (Travolta), who is known for his unorthodox method of protecting national security. At first Reece questions what side Wax is actually on as his interest seem to lie with prostitutes, drugs and overkill, but he quickly realizes that Wax knows and understands more than he ever will. As they work their way through drug lords, Reece becomes confused as his name and picture begins appearing on the bad guys walls and can’t figure out how he is involved with an attack that has been planned at the embassy.    

    Travolta has been begging for a comeback role for decades now. He is only respected for his legend and not his skill or talent. He travels from genre to genre trying to find anything to sustain his career. This film is much better for him than the horrific family movie Old Dogs. Travolta has some good lines here and some funky moves, not a role that will be remembered but a step in a better direction. Meyers who we haven’t seen a lot outside his popular television show Tudors blends into this role like a glove. His innocent charm is well matched with Travolta’s trashy bravado.

    The plot of the movie is the weakest part as it moves from one bloodiest to another. All we seem to look forward to is more spicy dialogue from our two lead actors. The plot twist at the ends could be spotted a mile away and follows similar action movie paths. Travolta really is the best thing about the movie with his unpredictable nature and his character’s flare. Maybe I just felt like watching something that was closer to mind-numbing but this action film seemed more memorable and enjoyable than what I have seen lately.

Final Thought – Travolta makes this film colorful and amusing.

Grade  B-

By: Dustin Chase W.

Editor: Jennifer Gih