Get Him To The Greek

 A sequel to the lewd and rude comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall would have demonstrated director Nicholas Stoller, writer Jason Segal, and that man that won’t disappear producer Judd Apatow’s shameful greed. So the team got together for Get Him to the Greek which is clearly the same cast (even Kristen Bell pops up in a cameo as Sarah Marshall). With the same cast and crew come the same jokes and predictable outcomes. ‘Greek’ is really nothing more than a parody of obnoxious characters behaving badly in situations like a Today show interview or a red carpet premiere. If you have seen one film with Apatow’s name attached, you have seen them all.

 Desperate for his big break at a large record producing company, Aaron Green (Hill) recommends to his CEO (Combs) that they use the washed up, former chart topper Aldous Snow (Brand) for a comeback show. Green is given the chance, but must physically fly to London and coax the drug addicted, broken hearted, eccentric has been to New York and then Los Angeles in 72 hours. Snow is willing, but doesn’t go easy as Green is forced to tag along and participate in the rocker’s limitless lifestyle.

 Hill much like his Superbad co-star Michael Cera has been type cast in every film. ‘Greek’ is no exception as we watch Green endure unwelcome sexual abuse, verbal abuse from his superiors and after doing everything incorrect sweet talking his way back into the audiences’ favor. It’s the same wimpy want to be tough guy role he has built a career on, and it’s completely boring and unfunny to watch. While Hill at least is playing a different character, by name at least, from his role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall; Brand returns as the same exact character with more screen time.

 On some levels I think this film desperately wants to be more like Bruno or Borat and see how the audience reacts to characters in crazy situations. If I had to pick one scene that I found slightly entertaining it would be the one with Harry Potter villain Tom Felton playing himself and getting ridiculed by Green. Even that scene is lost in an ocean of cameos from Hollywood’s less than elite. It runs too long and too stupid, at one point with a bodiless Sean “P Diddy” Combs face eating other floating faces of himself. This is an unfunny comedy that should be avoided at all costs.

 Final Thought – Get them all to the garbage can.

Grade F

By: Dustin Chase W.

Editor: Jennifer Gih