These modern day remakes of series or comic books that were only cool during their time must stop. The Green Hornet is just the latest retro series to be morphed into a motion picture for the new generation. GI Joe should have been a warning to future retro reboots. Director Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine, Be Kind Rewind) combines his tripped out way of thinking with the insufferable Seth Rogan’s script to bake one of the worst films on screen in 2011. The Green Hornet is nearly annoying from beginning to end, especially once the action gets started; it's mayhem all over the screen, with Rogan and Diaz taking turns being the worst actors in movies today, it's nearly more than I could stand.

After the death of his newspaper editor father (Wilkinson), Britt Reid, who has been spoiled with money, attempts to work on LA’s last independent newspaper. But his experience in anything but partying is lacking. His father’s genius automobile engineer, Kato (Chou), is the only person to spark Britt’s interest. Kato has been working on the Reid family cars for years and making Britt an amazing cup of coffee. Britt and Kato decide to become super heroes while having everyone else think they are just another bad guy. Los Angeles crime boss Benjamin Chudnofsky (Waltz) doesn’t like these news guys who call themselves The Green Hornet, disrupting his power. The battle between the two groups turns LA into one big battlefield.

The casting of Rogan is as detrimental as drinking paint; he is obnoxious in every movie because he is an obnoxious human being that is famous for some highly guarded secret. Diaz, who has become the worst actress in major motion pictures, only drags the project further to the ground. Oscar nominated actors Wilkinson and James Franco appear for only a short time in the film, but I wonder why they appear at all. Oscar winner Waltz (Inglorious Basterds) is a complete waste here; he needs to stay away from these bad guy roles and prove he is versatile.

The entire movie is just so loud, noisy and annoying. The silence from Chou as Kato is much appreciated and Chou is the best part of the film. The special effects are not on par with other super hero films, and with the notion that more is more, this movie runs itself into the ground very quickly. Gondry’s films have gotten progressively worse; he, along with Rogan, were completely inappropriate for this project. The Green Hornet keeps the company of other superhero films like Catwoman, Daredevil and Elektra. We don’t even get the iconic theme until the very end of the movie. By then, it’s too late to care.

Final Thought – Will cause an allergic reaction.

Grade D-

By: Dustin Chase W.

Editor: Michael Woody