If you are familiar with the concept of “fan fiction” you will understand its significance with Oscar nominated director Paul Greengrass’s new film Green Zone. From his suspenseful and terrifying masterpiece United 93 to the mainstream popular Bourne films that made Damon the action star he is today. While the trailer for this film looks like a fourth Bourne film the politics separate the two indefinitely. Screenwriter Brian Helgeland (Mystic River, Robin Hood) manages to keep the suspense and interest in this film flush regardless of your politics. Like I said its fan fiction, but very exciting fan fiction.

            Chief Miller (Damson) of the 85th unit and his men are in Iraq looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction. Miller is aggravated at the military’s lousy intelligence that has led them to three sites already that came up empty. His men risk their lives to get into these locations and retrieve the WMD. He demands answers from DC intelligence and military specialist in charge Clark Poundstone (Kinnear) and when he doesn’t get them he seeks the answers on his own. Miller discovers that the US has changed statements from Iraqi sources to further their own cause in getting Saddam out of power.

            Damon with the action game face on and fresh off his second Oscar nomination for Invictus delivers a stern and necessary lead performance to make this film work. Like many directors who find new projects to work on with familiar actors Greengrass and Damon keep the viewer interested with pulse pounding chases and dramatic expulsions that will have some viewers wondering how true this adaptation is. Kinnear plays his usual stubborn and wormy character but it was the right fit as was Gleeson in the role of a CIA leader trying to expose Washington’s bad side.

            There are many sides of news, famous stories, and even films that I would love to see someone sit down and write out a highly possible theory that could be turned into a film as seen here. While much of the films runs on speculation and theories Greengrass and Helgeland make sure to gloss over as many edges as possible to make this seem plausible (even detailing the time frame when this would have taken place with President Bush’s ‘mission accomplished’ announcement). If you are a sucker for political films that take themselves seriously and use viable resources to make a compelling story you are likely to enjoy what’s presented here.

            Final Thought – A solid political fan fiction war thriller.


Grade B+

By: Dustin Chase W.

Editor: Jennifer Gih