“This is the dumbest script I have ever read, let’s get it made.” Likely what producers or a studio head told Josh Heald when he presented this idea. Make no mistake about the title, there is no metaphor or alternate meaning, this movie really is about a time machine in a hot tub. And if you are wondering, yes the once respected John Cusack’s career really has sunk this low. Even with all the cursing, nudity, sexually explicit dialogue, Hot Tub Time Machine is just another Big, or 13 Going on 30. Jamie Kennedy in Kickin’ It Old School was probably the worst of these type movies, while Zac Efron’s 17 Again was the best. The jokes are lame, the acting undignified, its every bit as bad as it looks and sounds.

     Three best friends who have lost touch reunite after Lou (Corddry) tries to kill himself due to his disappointing and uneventful life. Adam (Cusack) and Nick (Robinson) take Lou back to one of their old hang outs, but something strange happens as they are in the hot tub. They find themselves back in the 80’s, twenty years ago. They begin to relive moments of their embarrassing youth, but rediscover the excitement that had long left their adulthood. They recognize bad choices and want to correct them, except a mysterious handyman (Chase) tells them they must repeat their past in order to return to present day.

     As a human race we seem obsessed with looking into the past, wanting to change things we regret or choices we made. Sure everyone says “the last is the past” or “focus on today”, but the fact is Hollywood understands that everyone thinks that way. In fact I find movies along this similar nostalgia plot line don’t work as well as Hollywood might think, because he audience just leaves the theater depressed as they reflect on their own bad choices. While Hot Tub Time Machine has a happy ending, I fear the actors featured in this rotten picture might not.

     Final Thought -  The crowd of people who enjoyed The Hangover or Superbad are the same crowd likely to enjoy this flick… no brain activity required.

Grade D+

By: Dustin Chase W.

Editor: Jennifer Gih