100,000 people die each year due alcohol related incidents. The first Hangover film was a huge box office success. It won best comedy at the Golden Globes while I sat stunned, having watched the movie without a single laugh. The fact that audiences all over America found The Hangover funny didn’t shock me (people will laugh at anything if told to), but how the film was embraced by all generations was very surprising. Perhaps I just didn’t get it; maybe it’s due to the fact I have never had a hangover or drunk alcohol. I didn’t find the cast funny in the first film and “part II” is really a truthful assessment because this is just an extension of what we saw the first time around.

After barely making it back from Las Vegas in one piece, the “Wolfpack”, as they dub themselves, are getting back together for Stu’s wedding to Lauren (Jamie Chung) in Thailand. Reluctant to invite Alan (Galifianakis), they cave in due to the sob story he has been dealing. Vowing not to do anything crazy, what begins with one beer on the beach turns into another blackout where they wake up in a seedy Bangkok motel with no memory of how Stu got a face tattoo, why Lauren’s little brother Teddy’s finger is on ice and he is missing, or why they have a drug dealing monkey in their possession.

It all began when Judd Apatow put full frontal male nudity in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Observe & Report and when Borat also had full frontal nudity; but this year alone, we saw in your face male frontals in Hall Pass and I Love You Phillip Morris. It’s clearly a growing trend that used to be a sure fire way to diminish distribution; but now, with all mainstream, raunchy comedies doing it they have to try and top each other, and The Hangover II, having no limits, goes beyond what you could imagine. The most shocking thing about The Hangover II isn’t that people laughed watching a ten year old get a tattoo, nor that a 16 year old boy lost his finger, or even the fact that Stu basically gets raped. All that was side splitting for the audience, but when the monkey gets shot there are gasps and “awe’s” everywhere.

The Hangover II promotes underage drinking (the “guys” give a 16 year old alcohol), not to mention a sequence of the three men as adolescence’s; it clearly glorifies partying and a complete lack of responsibility, yet the actors of the film refused to allow Mel Gibson to have a cameo because of his behavior. What I find strange is that we watch the news in horror, but when all these situations happen in these Hangover movies, we just laugh. The only thing I even grinned at was Alan’s mispronunciation of Louis Vuitton and Thailand throughout the movie. Everything else is one big exaggeration upon another, then Oscar nominated Paul Giamatti comes in and out of the movie, as if that might raise the quality level a bit. The script, co-written by director Todd Phillips, once again manages to hit every imaginable politically incorrect subject it can in a two hour span.

 Final Thought – The fact that America finds this stuff funny is exactly what’s wrong with our society.

Grade F

By: Dustin Chase W.                  Editor: Michael Woody