The last Farrelly Brothers' film was The Heart Break Kid back in 2007, starring Ben Stiller. Brothers Bobby and Peter Farrelly, who always have outrageous scripts, have ensured the shock value in Hall Pass not only keeps on giving, but comes when you least expect it. The Farrelly Bros. cross the line on a regular basis with films like There’s Something About Mary, using everything from manhood caught in a zipper to a certain substance for hair gel. Therefore, you go into their films with an idea that nothing is too taboo; Hall Pass certainly raises the bar on what I have seen in mainstream film as far as male nudity and feces in comedy is concerned.

    With sex and women consistently on their minds, best friends Rick (Wilson) and Fred (Sudeikis) push their wives so far that Maggie (Fischer) and Grace (Applegate) agree to give the men a “hall pass”, which means they are unmarried for one week in order to get their immaturity and fantasies met with no questions asked at the end of the week so they might continue as a family . The wives go off to Cape Cod for relaxation and Rick and Fred start planning their wild week. After a very full dinner at Applebee’s and failed attempts with good looking women, they realize they might not have what it takes to land all the women they constantly gawk at.

    The Farrelly Bros. understand that in a rapidly desensitized culture you have to pull out all the stops to really impress an audience that would go see a movie like this, because at this point we have seen it all. Last year’s Piranha 3D really took liberties as far as horror films and gratuitous nudity is concerned, but the amount of screen time this film holds on male nudity is something I haven’t seen before; while the joke got loads of laughs, I think it might be a reason to steer clear for some. Besides nudity, the poop scenes and jokes are flowing -- literally. One of the script's lowest points is the crazed mini-van attack; it has no business being in the movie and provided the biggest cliché.

    The first glimpse of former comedy rock star Owen Wilson is a surprising one, as he isn’t the Own Wilson we are use to; he is out of shape and almost sickly looking. Hall Pass is almost just a string of ridiculous comedic anecdotes strung together to make a movie. There is an attempt to highlight the power of marriage, but I think that’s only because the Farrelly Bros. felt they had to have something redeeming. One of the movies most awkward moments was the inclusion of Joy Behar from The View, who was as awkward as all get out in her three scenes -- very strange. Road to Perdition’s not-so-young-anymore Tyler Hochlin appears in the movie as well as the stunning Australian, Nicky Whelan, who everyone will be Googling after the movie.


Final Thought – The most outrageous comedy in years.

Grade C+

By: Dustin Chase W.

Editor: Michael Woody