Director DJ Caruso hit it out of the park with Shia LaBeouf in Disturbia, a movie that jump-started the young actor's career. Caruso’s second film with LaBeouf, Eagle Eye, was a big disappointment both critically and financially. Caruso returns to the mainstream game with another thriller, this time of the supernatural nature, aimed at the young movie watching crowds. It’s a mixture of Transformers and X-Men with a little Twilight attitude triangle. I Am Number Four, not to be confused with I Am Legend, is a want-to-be start up franchise banking on box office success to fuel sequels. Making his big American debut, male model Alex Pettyfer is all looks and little talent, but that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from making sure he is in all upcoming movies geared toward young ticket buyers.

    John (Pettyfer) is from planet Lorien but hiding in earth from the evil Mogadorians who seek out these special humans who have strong powers with which they will use to defend themselves. The Magadorians have just killed number three; John, who is number four, understands they are all coming after him now. Hiding in small town Ohio with his guardian (Olyphant), John wants nothing more than to live a normal life and date this new girl he just met at his new high school. John is joined by number six (Palmer), who is able teach John a few things about how to survive.

    Science fiction doesn’t really do this movie justice; teenage retardation would be more descriptive. The script here (based on the novel) follows the pedigree of the Twilight series, which shouldn’t be a surprise at this point. In mainstream cinema, one popular franchise is just a starting point for many studios and projects following in the footsteps, and I Am Number Four is no different. Not one original idea does this movie have. It’s one big stereotype from beginning to end, even as they ride off into the sunset promising a sequel.

    Australian actress Teresa Palmer is likely to be the new blond version of Megan Fox, who will make her way through horror movies and action flicks like this until her popularity runs thin. Pettyfer might have talent, but it isn’t displayed here. None of the characters are written any thicker than a leaf of paper, which again isn’t surprising when you look at all the movies I Am Number Four is ripping off. The bad guys, embarrassingly named “Mogadorians”, are one of the movies most laughable aspects. The inner drama of the story surrounding a high school soaks up the first half of the movie, which lacks anything exciting or explosive.


Final Though – I Am Bored.

Grade D+

By: Dustin Chase W.

Editor: Michael Woody