Just Go With It

This movie is just as bad as the title, which is just a string of words run together. Adam Sandler, the once and never again comedy king, runs the gamut of his properties in Malibu and Hawaii, seemingly the only place he will shoot movies these days. It’s clear that since Sandler has his own production company, he can do whatever he wants and has, as a result, become the laziest actor in the business. He is so rich that he doesn’t have to work, but must feel the need to keep feeding his fans poop, or “Devlin”, I guess I should say. Why Oscar winning actress Nicole Kidman would throw herself into this type of movie I cannot understand. For Aniston, this is just another nail in her acting career coffin.

Plastic surgeon Danny Maccabee (Sandler) has long used his wedding ring to score with girls on the sympathetic story he sells. He fixes the appearance of women for a living, but has never wanted one to stay around until he meets the vivacious Palmer (Decker), who is blond hair and all legs. When Palmer finds the ring, however, Danny fabricates a huge story that involves his assistant at work, Katherine (Aniston), being his ex-wife and convinces Palmer that he is telling the truth and is finally a free man. Katherine goes along with it after he bribes her and her kids with his credit card, but soon understands the woman he is most comfortable with is the one he has never had to lie to.

First off, the jokes are complete crap; some of the story would simply have to be improvised because the ridiculousness that is peddled here is like listening to a two year old who first learns to talk. Very rarely do these characters ever act or resemble normal human beings; instead, these unfunny and neurotic caricatures have a clear path (or conclusion), we just have to endure it before they get there. Then once they get to Hawaii there is Kidman and Matthews, also acting strange and bizarre, clearly uncomfortable with the Sandler comedy routine (Aniston just plays her typical persona so she doesn’t seem out of place).

The only slight laughter comes from the daughter, played by Bailee Madison, who you might remember from her scene stealing performance in Brothers and then again playing a young Hilary Swank in Conviction. There simply is nothing here to enjoy or take away. Sandler doesn’t even try anymore, and I’m not sure he ever did. With a title as lackluster as Just Go With It, I have the same sentiment Katherine’s character had at one point: “I feel like a car door just slowly shut on my soul”. Director Dennis Dugan is also obviously on the Sandler payroll, having directed Sandler over six times, and failed six times.

Final Thought - Just go with something else.

Grade D-

By: Dustin Chase W.

Editor: Michael Woody