Clearly modeled after Mr.  & Mrs. Smith, Killers takes a lighter and more comedic look at espionage combined with the family life. So many stereotypes and clichés are imbedded in the script, the only people likely to enjoy this film are those who haven’t seen anything similar. Kutcher who seems desperate to carry a hit movie after his recent ones have failed, and Heigl also desperate to win back fans she ticked off with her diarrhea of the mouth interviews whilst on Grey’s Anatomy. Killers is uneventful and uninteresting, it doesn’t even come off as sexy, just annoying.

 While on vacation in Nice, France with her parents trying to get over a breakup, Jen (Heigl) meets Spencer (Kutcher) who is quick on his feet but mysteriously up to no good. After flirtations and intuition, the two are married and after three good years everything unravels when people come after Spencer to kill him. Just realizing she is pregnant and that her husband is a former spy, the two must protect themselves from everyone they thought were their friends when actually they are hired guns.

 Both Kutcher and Heigl have positioned themselves in their careers for unrealistic roles, so when they attempt to pull off a character that is mildly true to life the audience laughs. It’s very difficult to take Kutcher seriously after his stint on That 70’s Show and all his Punk’d antics. The pairing of the two seems like bad timing as neither are good enough actors to make this entertaining or plausible. Home Alone and Christopher Guest alum O’Hara in her few scenes adds much of the movies memorable comedy, which shouldn’t be surprising due to the fact she understands the genre.

 I couldn’t help but compare this film to Hot Fuzz as everyone in the film comes out of the woodwork with a knife, gun or special fighting skill. After about the second surprise killer the script doesn’t even try to surprise the audience anymore, the new has worn off, everyone is a suspect and the boredom sets in. It’s a very predictable ending with little excitement and anticipation to get you there. As far as quality goes Killers is nearly a buddy movie to The Bounty Hunter, both completely forgettable.

 Final Thought – Hollywood’s version of recycling.

Grade C-

By: Dustin Chase W.

Editor: Jennifer Gih