Sometimes it’s stunning to see what comes out of Hollywood, with every single comic book ever written being adapted into a feature film, Kick Ass is the latest. Sure it might look like Spy Kids on first glance, but the “R” rating no doubt gave the MPAA some difficult decisions to wade through. It’s based on the comic book by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr., this is another film that I imagine director Quentin Tarantino enjoying to the full degree because five years ago no one would have dreamt of making a film of this title or this amount of vulgarity dealing with teenagers. Influenced by the multitude of superhero films, Superbad, and the comical notion that innocent potty mouth kids could be a hit make this one of the most ridiculously successful films of 2010.

      High school geek Dave Lizewski (Johnson) looks around and wonders why no one tries to be a superhero; Dave possesses no powers, no super strength, he isn’t even popular at school. Influenced by his many comic books, he orders a suit, gives himself a name and practices on the rooftops of New York City. After someone You Tube's one of his battles with local criminals his alter ego Kick Ass becomes a city wide phenomenon. He meets other superheroes Big Daddy (Cage) and Hit Girl (Moretz) who are intent on destroying Frank D’Amico (Strong) and his gang of murderers, in which he gets entirely more involved than he means to.

      Director Matthew Vaughn (who will also be directing the upcoming 4th X-Men film) manages to find that line between a spoof and an homage to comic book and popular culture films. The positive side to the film and more specifically the script is that it is well planned, it does appear to have a purpose and even so many ideas it can’t fit them into one film, which is why the last ten minutes of the films sets up the sequel. I guess the big question is, is the $48 million profit worth the interest to a film that looks like it costs much more. Vaughn is slated to deliver Kick Ass 2: Balls to the Wall in 2012 after he finishes X-Men.

      Bankrupt Nicholas Cage seems to pop up everywhere these days, taking any and every role he is offered. He actually has some funny and more original moments in this film that the garbage we have seen him in lately. Johnson is ideal in the lead role as he summons up the perfect mixture of nerd and under the skin ladies man. After you get over the graphic language coming from 11 year old Hit Girl you realize she is the true star of the show. Kick Ass is surprisingly entertaining and certainly pays homage to the right stuff (especially Plasse’s final line before the credits role). However I’m not going to hold my breath that part 2 will be as startlingly interesting.

      Final Thought – Unique only because by going where everyone else has gone before does it tap into interestingly new ground.

Grade B-

By: Dustin Chase W.

Editor: Jennifer Gih