Let’s compare trailers for a minute, The Crazies had a great trailer that let me down for the actual film; Legion did nothing to perk my interest however it had better horror scenes than The Crazies. With that being said Legion is not a good movie, it has one really twisted and freaky diner sequence at the beginning of the film that is as entertaining as all get out, but the fictional religious onslaught story is killer for anyone who knows anything about the Bible. Religious films especially those using bits and pieces for dramatic effect always run the risk of offending half their audience, while this movie has some fun scary moments the big picture is over the top ridiculous.

     According to former angel Michael (Bettany) God has given up on mankind and decided to destroy everyone. He is sending his angels to embody all the humans, turning them into demonic creatures with the purpose of getting to Charlie (Palicki) a young pregnant waitress in the Mojave desert whose unborn child could be man’s only chance at survival. Michael has turned his back on the heavens to fight with a bunch of strangers and try to change what has already been set in motion.

     Over the past couple of years movies like The Reaping and Angels & Demons have used Christianity as a lure and a gimmick to sell tickets. I skimmed an array of articles on this movie and it certainly has all sides of the spectrum debating its content, while most agree as a movie it’s not great. Bettany either has a fascination with religious films or looks for roles dipped in controversy, if you remember he also starred in The Da Vinci Code plus the little seen film Creation. Bettany who had early success with films like A Knights Tale and Master & Commander seems to seek out small projects that either tank or find little to no audience.

     Excluding everything I have already mentioned, if there is any reason to watch this movie it’s for the scene in the diner with the Grandma, it’s worse than any nightmare I could imagine and is over the top like Drag Me to Hell. The acting here is mediocre for a horror film, better than most with your basic blood and guts to keep the horror fans pleased. The ending felt rushed and confused, but then again it’s hard to top a demon granny. From a religious standpoint when you see angels with machine guns it really isn’t worth trying to defend what they are defaming, no one will take this movie seriously.

     Final Thought – See it only for the diner sequence.

Grade C-

By: Dustin Chase W.

Editor: Jennifer Gih