For those who saw the Grindhouse films back in 2007 by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez you will remember a fake trailer for a film called Machete. Well three years later Rodriguez has turned that fake trailer into a feature film with an extraordinary cast and all the mayhem and guts you would expect from a Tarantino/Rodriguez film. Machete is filled from beginning to end with ridiculousness and the most politically incorrect material we have seen on screen this year; mostly taking shots at America/Texas’s stance on Mexicans crossing the border.

 Machete (Trejo) was once a respected and feared cop in Mexico, until he was nearly killed by one of Mexico’s most revered villains Torrez (Seagal). Machete now finds himself as a day laborer in a small Texas town just across the border. He is picked up off the street and hired to assassinate Senator McLaughlin (DeNiro) who is known for his tough judgment on illegals (including shooting them at the border himself). Set up for the assassination only to give the senator more power, Machete along with other fed up illegals band together to stop all the death and especially the Senators alliance with Torrez.

It’s hard to tell if Rodriguez (Spy Kids, Sin City) used the illegal immigration theme as a ploy or as a forum, either way Machete with all its absurdity manages to speak to something very relevant in current news. The assembly of actors (most who have worked with Rodriguez or Tarantino before) is still very impressive for a film that isn’t a typical Lohan/DeNiro/Seagal type movie, and you at least have to give those actors points for taking roles that are anything but flattering. However it’s usually roles like this that rebound actors whose careers are in jeopardy. Although Lohan was incarcerated and unable to promote the film upon release; she plays a snotty rich girl with a drug problem.

Danny Trejo is the star of the film though and while we have seen him in countless supporting roles in cheap small films, this is the big time for an actor who has been in film since the early 80’s. The revenge type script is easily comparable to Tarantino’s Kill Bill, but the screenplay is much more detailed and involved. Machete runs about two hours and is insistent on concluding every subplot it introduces. The films’ most ridiculous scene comes mid-movie as Machete rips out the intestine of a goon using it as a rope to swing out a window.

Final Thought – Absurd and very guilty entertainment

Grade B-

By: Dustin Chase W.

Editor: Jennifer GihHe