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Beautiful Boy is a film that hardly anyone has seen, certainly no one in Houston Texas because if never played in the cinema’s here. This film caught my eye because of it’s strong cast and gut wrenching original screenplay dealing with a specific pain we haven’t seen on screen before. Both actors Maria Bello and Michael Sheen deliver fantastic performances that would in any other circumstances be generating Oscar buzz, however due to the fact hardly anyone has seen the film this movie is way under the radar.

I however had the opportunity to speak with the screenwriter and director of the film via phone from Los Angeles about their intense script and how they came up with some of the themes and why make a movie that is so difficult to watch. Like so many good scripts these writers took bits from their own personal lives, which they explain, and used that for the characters we see in the film.

Beautiful Boy should be arriving this fall on DVD and hopefully my interview will encourage a few more Texans to get interested in the film. See the full interview in the video box to your right.  

Exclusive interview with Beautiful Boy filmmakers
By: Dustin Chase