The Back Up Plan

      Media mogul Jennifer “JLo” Lopez hasn’t been on the big screen since her El Cantante film flop back in 2006, where reviews scorned her into the ground. However the internationally known star returns with the type of film that most actresses use to squeeze their way back into mainstream Hollywood, the romantic comedy. Long gone is the time where romantic comedies were funny and enjoyable to watch, The Back Up Plan is directed by Alan Poul who is a first time director making the leap from television to big screen and not so gracefully.

      Zoe (Lopez) has always wanted a baby, and in her mid 30’s she has given up on finding the right man to make that happen. She makes the huge decision to become a single mom through insemination. The day of her procedure she runs into a charming man named Stan (O’Loughlin) who is instantly attracted to Zoe and her fresh new glow. They continue to run into each other until their relationship gets serious and she finally has to reveal that she is pregnant. Stan must now decide whether he wants to become a father in order to persue are relationship with his girlfriend.

      There are two funny “laugh out loud” moments in the film, both are based out of completely disgusting material; the first is when Zoe full of weird food cravings grabs pieces of bread and with her fingers dips it into a pot of stew like an animal. The scene is funnier because it’s Lopez doing it, versus someone else without her prestige. The other scene is the most ridiculous, over the top, outrageous child birthing scene ever captured on film; the sounds, the faces, the loss of bladder control all in a kiddy wading pool as earthy women chant and beat drums, beats all I have ever seen.

     Two outrageous scenes however cannot make a two hour movie worthwhile. From the opening cartoon credits which are uncreative, to Lopez’s character portrayal that is a version of some ditzy Cameron Diaz character who only becomes serious when a situation is threatening. The Back Up Plan takes advantage of every cliché known to romantic comedies and takes an immature look at these people’s lives that becomes an endless melodramatic cycle. Lopez is a truly talented, marketable person, she proved herself to be very funny on SNL and has done some good screen work in films like Selena and Out of Sight. This film is just lazy on her part and will only turn a once supportive audience against her.

    Final Thought – Lopez will have to do another comeback film just to make audiences forget this one.

Grade C-

By: Dustin Chase W.

Editor: Jennifer Gih