Texas Art & Film

Our mission is to promote art and film in Texas, highlight local artists and film events, and inform our readers with unique critiques and interviews.  Texas Art & Film also focuses on theatrically release feature films, screen actors and professionals in the business of creating film.  

Texas Art & Film is a non-profit magazine focused on serving those who appreciate art and film.  This online magazine was founded in Galveston, Texas in 2009.

Since then TAF has become recognized in print, online and in broadcasting through our dedication and efforts to provide up to date reviews, interviews and content. Bringing Hollywood to the Third coast.

Joining with local Galveston and Houston affiliates like News 92FM, The Galveston Daily News and Galveston.com, TAF has been able to reach farther and grow substantially.

Evan, Managing Editor

Evan has been involved in publishing since 1992.  As founder of Texas Art & Film in 2009, Evan sought to promote both art and film in Texas.  Evan has been featured for both his photojournalism and writing in many US and international publications. His continuous contributions to the magazine and striving for quality has helped TAF become what it is today.

Dustin Chase, Asst. Editor, Film Critic

Dustin began writing reviews in 1997 and has written over 2000 movie critiques and counting, along with entertainment articles and news stories. Dustin has also interviewed actors, producers and other film industry icons. His coverage extends from film festivals and movie premiers to the Academy Awards. The leading force behind TAF, Dustin continues to elevate the magazine to new hieghts with his tireless devotion to film.

Dr. Donna, Film & Feature Writer

Dr. Copeland is a clinical psychologist and has numerous publications in that field.  Dr. Copeland covers film and feature material for the Texas Art and Film.  During her tenure at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, she participated in two documentaries  and she has chaired the committee on Psychoanalysis and Films for the Houston Psychoanalytic Society.