Doing the same movie again for the third time is certainly a waste of everyone’s time. Big Momma’s House 2 director and Martin Lawrence re-team five years after the previous film. They basically put together the exact same movie with the same jokes; the only difference is that this time he has a son who is also forced to dress up like a woman. Lawrence has only made 4 movies in the five years between the films and none of them were successful. Therefore, it’s safe to say the return to this character is out of desperation.

When an operation goes bad, Detective Malcolm’s teenage son Trent (Jackson) unwillingly witnesses a murder that now makes him a prime target. In order to protect himself and his son, Malcolm (Lawrence) forces Trent to dress up like a woman as they hide out in a women’s college. Big Momma is the newest resident hall keeper while Trent’s alter ego Charmaine is a new student. Trent finds things very difficult in an all girls school, but manages to help Haley (Jessica Lewis) bring out the best in her musical talents. It doesn’t take the bad guys long to figure out Malcolm’s latest disguise, and then the father and son team must protect their new friends and solve this case.

Costing a little over $30 million dollars and only nabbing $37 million at the domestic box office, this trilogy didn’t seem to pan out too well for all involved. This is, however, the type of movie that does better in rental than in theaters. It's audience will only be those who enjoyed the first two movies because they know exactly the type of humor and scenario they are going to get. My biggest fear is that this movie might prompt Eddie Murphy to do another one of his fat suit characters again.

It goes without saying that the plot is ridiculous; even for the standards of this type of film. It’s predictable and, even compared to the first Big Momma’s House, it’s lacking much of the original humor. Jackson certainly doesn’t bring anything unique to the role; his filmography reads like the clearance bin of the local Blockbuster that's going out of business. One thing this movie, which only earned 5% on, does accomplish is making Tyler Perry look like a genius.  

 Final Thought – The most unnecessary film of the decade.

Grade F

By: Dustin Chase W.

Editor: Michael Woody