At this point I think we can give up on Jennifer Aniston delivering any sort of artistic or inspired performance. After The Good Girl in 2002 I had high hopes for the future of Aniston’s film career, but I see now that was a fluke. The Bounty Hunter directed by Andy Tennant (Anna and the King) is just the latest example of the kind of pop-culture film Aniston is involved with. Her characters are all similar and one sided, this particular film is a combination of The Mexican and Leap Year. Butler who doesn’t have the long standing reputation or popularity of Aniston just adds one more action role to his growing collection of dollar bin favorites.

      After their divorce Nicole (Aniston) buried herself in her journalism career, while Milo (Butler) left the police force for a bounty hunter job. A year apart with growing hate between them fuels the satisfaction when Milo is assigned to bring Nicole to jail for skipping her court date on a felony charge. What should have been an easy assignment turns into a run for your life task as Nicole’s latest investigation has shed light on shady dealings in the NYPD evidence department. Being together after all this time reminds both of them why they divorced but at the same time why the fell in love in the first place.

      You don’t have to be the smartest apple on the tree to take one look at this script or trailer and understand exactly how the plot will conclude. Butler and Aniston who have both been busy celebrities, play these roles like a lazy reporter reading from a piece of paper. There is no chemistry between the two (which could be said of nearly all Aniston’s co-stars) and the convoluted plot is about as compelling as a rerun episode of Friends. Aniston plays with her hair more than her character's personality. The jokes are mildly funny, but nothing you can’t live without.

      A movie like The Bounty Hunter, with no real meat at its core, is only made  to exploit two popular actor/celebrities for a studio to recoup some easy box office money on other failed projects. Even the entertainment value for the audience member who just wants to have fun for two hours, will likely be disappointed. Aniston had better look at other actors who got stuck in the type of cycle she is in now and later fizzled out (i.e. Jim Carrey, Ben Stiller, Cameron Diaz) and make a career change and reinvention before her fans disregard her altogether.

 Final Thought – Paper thin plot and another redundant Aniston character.

Grade D+

By: Dustin Chase W.

Editor: Jennifer Gih