It doesn’t live up to the spectacular trailer, which is the only thing that made me think this “horror” film could be something a little different. The trailer was very inspired, it reminded me of The X-Files episode “Home” combining something very disturbing with a song that makes the audience nervous. The film directed by Breck Eisner (Sahara) will please those single minded teenagers and fans that only make it to the theater for scary films; the rest of us will be left with something desired. On the upside the cinematography is a higher quality that you usually see in a film of this nature.

   A small Kansas town becomes infected with a virus that has contaminated the local water supply. Those exposed to the water display symptoms of blank stare and slowed motor functions. The virus then begins to affect the brain that clouds their reasoning capabilities and turns them violent. Sheriff David Dutton (Olyphant) and his wife, the local doctor Judy (Mitchell) become aware of the situation early on and try to save as many of the townspeople as possible. However when the military arrive they are acting on an exterminate everything that moves policy.

        The Crazies is closer to what the Resident Evil and Silent Hill video games movie adaptations should have been. Both of those 90’s popular video games were about infections and viruses but poorly adapted into feature films (the Silent Hill movie even starred Mitchell). This script attempts to root the cause and effect in a more natural manner, compared to the other films I mentioned that ventured into more science fiction elements. Olyphant isn’t a newcomer to this genre, as he was prominently featured in Scream 2.

    As much as it felt like The Crazies wanted to venture off the mainstream path it eventually fell into studio propaganda territory using the grab someone over the shoulder trick to make the audience jump among other lesser inspired tactics. Mid way through the film every step, move, and plot device could be seen for miles and thus the suspense drained. We never see anything truly horrifying, especially not if you have seen recent so called scary films. For all that was presented the majority of the audience will likely walk away remembering the lame comedic moments from Joe Anderson as the deputy, meaning this film missed its mark.

            Final Thought – Great trailer, disappointing movie.


Grade  C

By: Dustin Chase W.

Editor: Jennifer Gih