Southwest airlines kicked director Kevin Smith (Mallrats, Clerks) off their flight because of theft, however I encourage more airlines to refuse to fly him after his latest film. Cop Out is a career low for both Smith and Willis. This is the first film for Smith that he hasn’t been involved with the screenplay and his only excuse for making such a horrid film was that his late father would have liked it. The 2002 film Showtime with Robert DeNiro and Eddie Murphy comes to mind, because it’s the same ridiculous premise. The jokes are unfunny, outrageous and desperate, the script is a fumble the entire way through, the entire project is one boring joke after another.

      After NYPD police officers Jimmy (Willis) and Paul (Morgan) are relieved of duty after a series of bad decisions the two misfits look for more serious trouble. Hunting down a Mexican drug dealer who stole Jimmy’s expensive baseball card he was going to use to pay for his daughter’s wedding is only the beginning of their ridiculous investigations. From various lousy criminals they finally attract the entire Mexican mob and more trouble than they ask for.

      The movie opens with the moron like Morgan pretending to play the “bad cop” of the duo while interrogating a suspect, his routine always involves various movie impersonations, including Die Hard. Not for a second does Cop Out take itself seriously and that makes it very difficult for the audience to stick with nearly two hours of the lamest dialogue of the year. Every now and then Morgan will say something so ridiculous and out of place it might be worthy of a chuckle (i.e. “nincompoop”) but everything in between is insufferable.

       The highlight if there is one is when Morgan punches a little kid, but there are so many other politically incorrect scenes in this movie they all begin to blend. Smith begins to lose his artistic ground in 2004 with Jersey Girl and has been unable to reach creativity since then. Smith seems to have sold out with his last few studio films that resemble nothing of the Kevin Smith known for gritty independent film. For Willis and Morgan this is just a paycheck and a few days on set, for everyone else watching it’s a headache.

 Final Thought – Not worth the film its printed on.

Grade D-

By: Dustin Chase W.

Editor: Jennifer Gih