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breaking dawn part 1


At this point you don’t go into these films expecting very much. As a critic you have to try and seek out the smaller impressive elements. In the first 10 seconds of the film, Taylor Lautner already has his shirt off and it’s very clear this fourth installment isn’t going to be an improvement. For Breaking Dawn part 1, Oscar nominated director Bill Condon (Kinsey) is at the helm. This is the first film to address sex, and they certainly make up for not talking about it previously. Throughout this Twilight saga I have always admired how the author and scripts have treated sex in such a respectful manner; this film continues that tradition.

When we last saw Bella (Stewart), Edward (Pattinson) had proposed and so now it’s time for their wedding. As all friends and family come into town for the celebration, the two lovers seem happier than ever. Their honeymoon takes place on a beautiful secluded island in South America where Bella and Edward begin the difficult task of trying to physically express their love for one another, as Bella is still human. Whether a miracle or a curse, Bella becomes pregnant and whatever is inside her begins growing rapidly and shutting down her vital organs. When they return to Washington Jacob (Lautner) will play his most important role in Bella’s life yet, as he must work with Edward to prevent all the chaos that is about to come their way due to this unexpected child.

The film begins with one of the most beautiful and enchanting weddings I have ever seen on film. The more money these films make, the higher the production value grows and we certainly can see that, especially the lavish honeymoon. Money cannot buy good acting, it seems, or a good screen writer. For all his looks and popularity, Lautner still cannot throw a line. Every sentence out of the 19 year-old’s mouth is laughable and extremely rehearsed. Stewart clings to the yearning faces she does so well, but it seems to be the only persona she can pull off. It has become clear that Pattinson is the only real actor of the bunch; he has grown tremendously in his craft over the course of the series and in roles has had in-between playing Edward.

Breaking Dawn part 1’s biggest problem is the lack of plot and conflict. For the first hour of the film, it is like watching a daytime soap opera of two characters who have a really long romantic interlude. The script seems to have 30 minutes of actual story, but stretches that into a two-hour film just so they can reap the benefits of drawing this saga out for every dime. The lowest point of the film (and there are many) involves laughable werewolf voiceovers when the obviously better scenario would have been to film the sequence as those of humans. Less is always more in the case of a genre film like this. The single best thing about this entire film is the song by Bruno Mars, “Let it Rain”.

Final Thought – Lots of fluff, not much substance.

Grade C

By: Dustin Chase W.

Editor: Michael Woody