This is the sixth time Rogan and Franco have worked together and it just seems to get worse. The entire concept for The Interview was born out of the relationship NBA player Dennis Rodman had/has with the North Korean government and especially Kim Jong-un. With most of the Rogan/Franco collaborations, they have 15-year-old males in mind with penis and butt jokes but the story, obviously, is so ridiculous and lazy in its conception it’s difficult to stay awake to even bother seeing what happens. The controversy surrounding the film was bigger than anything director Evan Goldberg (This is the End) ever filmed.

  After landing an on air exclusive with rap artist Eminem coming out as gay, pop culture TV host Dave Skylark (Franco) gets the idea to interview North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in an exclusive interview. His best friend and producer Aaron Rapaport (Rogan) is initially against the idea. However when they land the chance to visit the dictator, the US government has bigger plans for the tabloid journalists. Now Aaron and Dave must “honeypot” Kim with friendship while they prepare to “take him out”. Having no experience in espionage or even keeping a secret, the twosome prat fall their way through the experience that if nothing else will lead to big ratings.

 The Interview might have worked better spoofing celebrities with fake stories rather than attempting to make a political statement. Actually I doubt Rogan who co-wrote the script with Goldberg, had a clue about the international sensation the film would create. The violence in the film is more like cartoon violence, but nothing about this film is meant to be taken seriously, including Rogan as an actor. I have defended Franco long enough with his artistic endeavors and head scratching projects, but it’s been a while now since his best actor Oscar nomination for 127 Hours. Franco has delivered nothing but crap since then.

 The Interview is a perfect example of why my opinion of comedy is so low. Not one laugh did this film get out of me and the plot failed to keep my interest. Clipping my toe nails became more fascinating about 20 minutes in. Yet everyone will know and have heard of this film over something far better that couldn’t afford the advertising budget (or the controversy). The Interview is a waste of any viewers time and just one more reason to scoff or ignore more Rogan and Franco.

 Final Thought – Fails on nearly every level of a feature film.

Grade D-

By: Dustin Chase